Concrete Drink Coasters

| May 14, 2012 | 0 Comments

Concrete Drink CoastersLacey drink coasters have no place in the man cave! Protect your tables and keep the man in man cave with these concrete drink coasters from Own & Fred ($48). Each coaster is handmade with concrete and polished with two coats of wax for durable use. Exuding a heavy duty feel these coasters are perfect for any man cave. They are large enough to handle any man sized drink served in your man cave.


Vintage Automobile Hubcap Clocks

| May 11, 2012 | 1 Comments

Vintage Automobile Wall Clock
We recently featured reCycle clocks for motorcyclist but today we have some for the auto enthusiast. If you’re a car guy your man cave needs a vintage automobile hubcap wall clock ($75). These clocks are crafted in Alvarado, Texas by Debbie Ables who we found on Each hubcap is pulled straight from the junk lot, polished up and made into vintage time pieces. All the big three auto makers are represented in Debbie’s collection including Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet and brands such as Corvette. These clocks would complement any automobile themed man cave or a great gift.

Photo Credit: Debbie Ables


Whiskey Stones

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Whiskey Stones from Teroforma

Our Moonshine post inspired us to find a complement to your glass o’ shine, and we found Whiskey Stones ($20) made by Teroforma. Lots of people enjoy a good whiskey but can’t handle it straight up, and don’t want it watered down by “the rocks”. If you mix with soda or chill with ice (heaven forbid) try these whiskey stones instead. These stylish soapstones will take the bite out of whiskey without watering it down. Just remember that whiskey stones are not to be used like ice cubes! Add three chilled stones to your next glass of whiskey, let stand for 5 minutes and then take them out. You’ll be amazed at the difference these stones make and you’ll look like a true aficionado.


Original MOONSHINE Clear Corn Whiskey

| May 3, 2012 | 2 Comments

Orginial MOONSHINE Clear Corn Whiskey distilled by Stillhouse Distillery
Moonshine is a (illegal) tradition in Appalachia but you won’t need a juke joint to enjoy this unique whiskeys flavor. Original MOONSHINE Clear Corn Whiskey is distilled legally by Stillhouse Distillery in Virginia and available online ($85.00). Stillhouse uses a mash recipe perfected by combining generations of moonshiner tradition and modern techniques. The mash is made using corn grown on their farm and cooked in a Prohibition-era copper pot still. The shine is then distilled through charcoal filters giving it the highest quality, purity and taste. The result is an 80 proof, all-natural, gluten-free clear whiskey you’ll love to serve at your next poker game night. The bottle is pretty awesome looking too.


reCycle Clocks

| May 2, 2012 | 1 Comments

reCycle Clock
Artist Michole Madden has a talent for transforming scrap motorcycle and bicycle parts into clocks of art. Her passion for art and motorcycles collided after finding inspiration in an old motorcycle rotor. She cleans polishes and even power-coats the scrap parts to create one-of-kind, eye-catching time pieces. These clocks are perfect for any gear heads man cave but keep in mind they are one-of-a-kind. The time to buy is now because once sold, it’s gone. Michole will also custom build a reCycle Clock using your parts or a brand, model and style of you’re choosing. Clocks range in price with the one pictured above priced at $129.


Beer Keg Bar Stools for your Man Cave

| May 1, 2012 | 3 Comments

Beer Keg Stool Kit
Give your man cave bar an authentic cantina look with beer keg bar stools! The Beer Keg Stoolk Kit ($120) transforms any standard US keg shell into a stylish bar stool. The kit includes a vinyl swivel seat that turns 360 degrees and a durable power-coated foot rest. The bar stool stands 32 inches high when assembled. The Keg Stool Kit has been featured on DIY’s Man Cave show and assembles in just minutes. All the necessary hardware is provided but you’ll have to drink your way into this seat because the keg shell is not included. We’ve seen them on a few web sites but has them in stock with positive customer feedback.


Scientific Swearing Goes Mobile

| April 19, 2012 | 0 Comments

Modern Toss - Periodic Table of Swearing

Crush your thumb with a hammer or lose a bet in Vegas and the salt will fly. Swearing is elemental but until now we didn’t have a classy way to express ourselves. Every guy knows someone who has Sffb and needs to Gfb but if you haven’t studied the Periodic Table of Swearing you’ll have no idea how to express our thoughts scientifically.  You’re vocabulary will be as colorful as the poster after memorizing 102 elemental symbols of swearing. The element symbols are also handy for getting your point across in a text message.

The Periodic Table of Swearing was so popular Modern Toss offered it again with a limited edition print of 300 posters. Unfortunately they are almost out of inventory and the poster isn’t any good when you need a creative curse on the go. Fortunately Modern Toss has packaged the Periodic Table of Swearing in an app for your Android mobile phone, apparently iPhone users don’t swear.

The Periodic Table of Swearing is available online for 90.00 Euro.

The Android version is available online for 0.69 Euro.

The poster would make a nice companion to the Periodic Table of Mixology we featured a while back.

Unfortunately with higher education comes the risk your message be lost in translation. The element codes won’t do you any good if the recipient doesn’t know WTF Yba means. Seriously, just tell the guy he is a big fucking arse. Just saying…


Photo Credit: Modern Toss


Celebrate the Return of Basketball with a Hoop Machine!

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Lifetime Double-Shot Basketball System

Basketball fans will get an extra special gift this Christmas courtesy of the National Basketball Association, and players union! With the lockout resolved the hard court will heat up again on Christmas day! To celebrate the return of basketball we decided to find a classic basketball shot game for the man cave.  We looked at a number of them, and decided on the Lifetime Double-Shot Arcade.

The Lifetime Double-Shot basketball system has two hoops on a wide 48 inch backboard for side-by-side competition.  We like the side-by-side format because it’s more fun to battle an opponent at the same time you’re shooting, especially after a couple of rounds from your cave bar. It’s also cool to have the feel of the game provided by electronic buzzers, and optical scoring boards.

It weighs 85 pounds and constructed with heavy-duty nylon canvas to put up with punishment. You can adjust it from 90 inches down to 82 inches if your man cave has a low ceiling. It also folds up for storage when not in use. It also comes with seven basketballs and the pump equipment needed to fill them.

Amazon has the Lifetime Double-Shot Basketball system for $199.00 and free shipping.


HiddenRadio: Very Cool Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

| December 12, 2011 | 0 Comments

Hidden Radio Bluetooth Wireless SpeakerMan Cave Gadgets is always looking for the latest cutting edge gadgets for your man cave, and this one is so new you can only pre-order it! Hidden Radio Design has created a Bluetooth wireless speaker that would make Steve Jobs proud. Its modern design has no knobs, buttons or displays to clutter its sleek lines. To adjust the volume you simply twist the sleek metallic or graphite black housing.

It provides several functions: it’s a wireless Bluetooth speaker with AM/FM radio that works with leading electronic devices like iPhones, iPods, iPads, or any other smartphones, tablets and computers. It runs on rechargeable batteries, which last over 30 hours on a single charge. There is also a standard 3.5 mm audio jack for connecting with non-Bluetooth devices.

The HiddenRadio and Bluetooth Speaker delivers pure, powerful sound to over 80 dB – so it can easily fill a small apartment with gorgeous music.

The designers are using to fund HiddenRadio’s development, and you can only order it through Supporting the project with a pre-order will get you the HiddenRadio for $119, which will normally retail for $175. This will secure delivery of a limited-edition product directly to their homes with global shipping included.

The designers have already invested over $50,000 to develop the product and the capital raised through will be spent on injection molding tools, Bluetooth certification, initial inventory, and other equipment necessary for mass production. Just in time for the holiday gift season, this is a chance to promote and support the production of this simple, useful and elegantly product before it hits the main market.


Protect Your iPad from Falling Bowling Balls, and Skydiving

| December 7, 2011 | 2 Comments

G-Form Extreme Sleeve

From home automation to iCloud and iZon, Apple’s iPad 2 is a required man cave gadget. Protecting the delicate device can be a challenge. iPad cases typically protect against minor bumps or scratches, but good luck if you drop it! We’ve seen many cased iPads shatter after being dropped, especially if they land on a corner. How can you protect that shiny new iPad? We’ve found a case that takes protection to a new extreme.

G-Form is a company that started creating impact protection and vibration dampening products for use in sports. Their polymer technology is used in bike shoes, elbow pads, knee pads, shin pads and more to protect athletes from injury. It wasn’t long before they realized you could protect bones and iPads with the same technology. G-Form’s Extreme Sleeve can protect your shiny new iPad from being dropped, tossed from a speeding car, crushed by bowling balls and even dropping it while skydiving!

Editor’s note: we don’t recommend playing Angry Birds while hurling toward the earth at terminal velocity, just saying.

G-Form posted several “Extreme Sleeve” protection videos on YouTube to demonstrate their technology. The scenarios are absurd but they get the point across, the Extreme Sleeve is very effective at absorbing impacts. G-Form has tossed iPads from a speeding Porsche, nailed them with a batting cage pitch, dropped a bowling ball on them, and dropped them while skydiving. In our personal favorite, they launch an iPad into concrete using gigantic slingshot.

In this video, a G-Form Extreme Sleeve reviewer smashes his iPad directly with hammer.

The drawback to all this protection is the Extreme Sleeve isn’t practical for daily use. You can’t actually use the iPad while it’s protected within the case. There is no camera opening and you can’t access or charge the iPad while it is cased. We think the G-Form Extreme Sleeve is a great case for traveling, or general protection when your iPad is not in use.

The Extreme Sleeve 2 for iPad offers more edge protection in case you drop your iPad on a corner. It is available at G-Form’s website for $69.95.

Photo Credit: G-Form


Bottle Opening 4GB USB Flash Drive

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iEcko 4GB USB Flash Drive and Bottle Opener

We have seen many USB flash drive combinations, but i-Ecko has figured out how to combine gadgets with beer. Their 4GB USB flash drive doubles as a bottle cap opener making it the best flash drive ever! It features a key chain attachment to avoid losing it, and is made from 100% water-resistant stainless steel. Did we mention you can open your beer with it? If you need a stocking stuffer for a beer loving techie, this is it.

These are pretty popular this year with stocks running low, but has them for $20.99. also has them on a weekly special this week for $18.99, but supplies are limited.


- Product Rating -

iZON Camera: Monitor Your Man Cave

| December 5, 2011 | 1 Comments

iZON Remote Room Monitor

Have you ever returned to your man cave and found something askew? Perhaps your favorite chair was adjusted incorrectly, or a collectible was moved. Perhaps an item was mischievously removed, or worse, something was stolen! The man cave is our sanctuary! We must protect it!

We found a simple solution to monitor your man cave when you’re gone. The iZON Remote Room Monitor allows you to view activity in your man cave via your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. You can view the cameras with any WiFi, Edge or 3G enabled iDevice. The Stem:Connect app allows you to install multiple cameras, and view them all through one device.

iZON is less conspicuous than traditional security cameras. It can sit on a book shelf, desk or mounted on a wall. The camera provides a 60 degree viewing angle, and low light capabilities. It doesn’t offer IR (infrared) illumination, but will capture an image with as little as a night light.

The best feature iZON offers is motion or noise detection alerts. iZON will tell you when something is happening in your man cave by sending an alert to your iDevice. The camera will start recording 5 seconds prior to the time it sent the alert, up to a maximum of 30 seconds.  This gives you a chance to capture the man cave invader, and monitor only when you need too.

If you don’t have an iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone the iZON can send automatically send recorded clips to a private YouTube channel.

Keep in mind iZON’s automation works when you are home, or away. Remember to disable the iZON when you are in the man cave. You don’t want a noisy encounter with your cave women streamed to YouTube.

iZON costs $129.95 per camera kit; cheaper than many of its competitors. You can take 15% off using code CYBER15 for a limited time.


$129.95 Buy More »

Mega Tickets Display Memories Proudly

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Thats My Ticket MegaTicket

Ticket stubs can be collector pieces or just memories of a great time. The pages of a dusty scrap book do not them justice. Tickets from a memorable game or concert are essential man cave décor that should be immortalized proudly with a Mega Ticket from The Mega Ticket is a stunning reproduction created from authentic game tickets, enlarged 500%, and professionally stretch-mounted on archival canvas. will turn your World Series, Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, NCAA, NASCAR or concert ticket into man cave wall art perfection!

Didn’t make it to the World Series or U2 this year? That’s okay; you can still order a Mega Ticket for any major event you’re interested in.  The Mega Ticket is great for autographed tickets as well even if you didn’t get the signature yourself. will personalize the fine details of your ticket including seat number, section name, row, price and bar code.  They work from a scan of your ticket; you never have to part with the precious stub. The Mega Ticket is 14 inches wide, 33 inches high and ¾ of an inch deep.

Mega Tickets range in price from $79.90 for standard events, to over $319.90 for a Reggie Jackson autographed 1977 World Series ticket.



Pick Punch: Turn Old Credit Cards into Music

| December 1, 2011 | 0 Comments

It looks like something Hobby Lobby should sell to scrap bookers, but the Pick Punch is more Santana than Martha Stewart. Pick Punch can make a playable guitar pick from any reasonably stiff material up to a millimeter thick. Just stick an old credit card, hotel door key or gift card into Pick Punch, press down, and start playing!

Why bother making your own picks? Well first, if you don’t mind paying $3.99 and up for a pack of picks than be our guest. Second why wouldn’t you make a pick from that old drivers license picture? You know the one when you still had hair! Third why not make a custom pick for Dad using some plastic, a picture of the kids, and some glue?

Pick Punch is a great gadget for any guitar playing man caver.

Pick Punch offers a Jazz style pick or a “351” standard style pick for $24.95 each. You will also receive sand paper to smooth out any rough cuts. If you don’t have any expired credit cards, and you actually use your gym membership card, you can buy pick material from Pick Punch for $3.00. offers the pick punch and you can also buy a set of six guitar picks made from recycled LPs for $2.99.

Of course if you’re a manly bass player none of this will help you; keep on plucking!


Custom Tap Handles for Your Man Cave Bar

| October 6, 2011 | 0 Comments

Sticking with the bar theme for today’s post we recommend custom tap handles for your man cave’s bar. Drink refrigerators are fine for the average man cave, but a real man taps a keg behind the bar! If you have a pressurized keg system, you need tap handles for each line. Tap handles control the flow of beer, and are common fixtures at any serious watering hole. Tap handles range from tall and ornate to colorful advertisements or characters, but whatever style you choose they are much more than an open / close valve.

Tap handles can advertise your favorite beer, accent sport themes or have fun with a novelty character. Whatever you choose, tap handles should express your personality. There are plenty of choices online for buying custom tap handles. There is even a market for vintage tap handles such as beer brands that no longer exist. Custom tap handles aren’t cheap; most are around $40, but the right tap handles will give your bar the perfect ambiance.

Here are a few custom tap handles we thought were pretty cool:

If custom tap handles aren’t a good fit for your man cave, you can always go with common draft brands. We found tap handles for most major beer brands including Budweiser, Keystone Light, Foster’s and Miller. You can find them by clicking here.


Periodic Table of Mixology

| October 4, 2011 | 1 Comments

Periodic Table of MixologyEver drank a Parisian Blonde? How about a Canyon Quake? Would you know how to make a Frozen Fuzzy if asked? If any of these drinks are a mystery to you we recommend adding the Periodic Table of Mixology to your man cave décor. This poster contains 58 elemental drinks any bar keep should know how to mix up in a colorful quick reference guide. Playing off the Periodic Table of Elements this scientific approach to mixed drinks looks great in a frame, and is a conversation starter.

We think this poster would make a great drinking game for your next man cave event. Originally we thought throwing darts at the poster would be a fun way to pick your next drink, but we don’t recommend that after the first couple of rounds! Perhaps whoever looses the next round of poker, WII, or whatever has their next drink selected for them. We are sure you will come up with something!

The poster unframed is less than $7.00, but you can get it laminated for $15 or framed for less than $50 by clicking here.


Ford Motor Man Cave Decor

| October 2, 2011 | 0 Comments

Over the weekend I watched a CNBC profile on Lee Iacocca which put me in the mood for some Ford memorabilia. I know many of you know Iacocca as the man who saved Chrysler, but he is also an iconic figure in Ford’s history. Credited with helping conceive the Ford Mustang, Iacocca’s work at Ford is nothing short of legendary. So today I was inspired to find man cave gadgets and decor inspired by the great Ford Motor company.

Ford Mustang Bar StoolsFord Mustang Bar Stools

Any Ford Mustang enthusiast should have a set of Mustang themed bar stools in their man cave. These stools feature a shiny chrome finish over a rugged steel frame. The seats remind us of the Mustang’s black bucket seats and feature its iconic logo across the top. These stools work well at the bar, in a game room or in your Ford themed garage.  They are reasonably priced under $70 each at, we’ve seen similar stools priced over $100 at other stores.

Pick up these Mustang themed bar stools for your Ford Motor themed man cave by clicking here.

Ford V8 Neon SignFord V8 Neon Sign

Any automotive themed man cave should have some neon signs. The classic look of neon provides cave visitors an instant dose of nostalgia for the good times of Detroit’s big three. The V8 engine itself has a cult following as the heart and soul of American muscle cars. This Ford V8 sign available on would make a great decorative piece for any Ford Motor themed man cave.

The Ford V8 neon sign can be mounted anywhere and measures 20” wide, 25” long and 4” deep. It’s powered by solid state transformer lighting retro colored orange and white neon. The glass tubes are supported with a finished black metal grid for years or reliable use. The neon operates silently, and uses less electricity than incandescent bulbs.

We’ve seen this sign sell for $400, but you can get it for $249.99 by clicking here.

Ford Genuine Parts Revolving SignFord Genuine Parts Revolving Sign

It isn’t an original, but this Ford Genuine Parts sign from our friends at Kotula’s will offer a classic Ford automotive garage look for less money. The sign is perfect for any indoor garage or basement space, and displays well. The sign is wall mounted, and uses two 9 watt florescent bulbs. When you pull the cord, it will light up and rotate giving your Ford Motor Man cave a 1950’s service stating feel. If neon is too expensive for your man cave budget, this revolving Ford Genuine Parts sign is a great alternative.

Pick up this great sign for less than $200 by clicking here.


Two Fantastic Neon Man Cave Bar Signs

| September 12, 2011 | 1 Comments

In honkytonks and watering holes around the world neon signs have pitched everything from beer brands to bull riding. Their classic shape, colors and electric buzzing sound are icons no man cave bar should be without. Today we went on the hunt for a couple of great neon’s, and you won’t be disappointed with what we found!

The “Man Cave” Neon Sign

Man Cave Neon Sign

Lay claim to your room of the house with “Man Cave” proudly displayed in neon! This sign features a cave image in brilliant blue neon with the phrase “Man Cave” boldly displayed in white. The sign is 29” x 19” X 6.5” and operates off a standard 110-volt wall outlet. The manufacture says it’s lights are “cool to the touch” and highly dependable.

The “Man Cave” neon sign can be mounted on any wall, and suitable for use indoors. If your garage is your man cave, you can hang it there without problems.

The sign regularly sells for $467.72 but you can get it for $299.95 by clicking here.

It’s 5:00 Somewhere Neon Sign

It's 5 o'clock somewhere neon sign

If Margarita Ville is your style this neon sign is a man cave bar must have. This sign was inspired by the 2003 country music hit “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere” recorded by Alan Jackson; and the mayor of Margarita Ville, Jimmy Buffett. The sign’s colors and subject matter are fantastic. It boasts pink and white lettering with an island, and blue martini glass.

The sign measures 2.5” deep with a diameter of 14 inches. It can be wall mounted or hung, and comes with an adaptor for a 110 standard outlet. The sign also has a quartz clock movement in it, but we aren’t sure exactly how it tells time. Who cares though, because it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere!

You can get this sign for $179.95 by clicking here.



4 Sports Themed Man Cave Pictures

| August 20, 2011 | 0 Comments

Summer sports are in full swing, and the National Football League is finally playing! Man Cave Gadgets found four fantastic sports themed man cave pictures to showcase in August. These man caves celebrate the sports fan dwelling within them, and may help inspire your own man cave ideas. From baseball to sports bars these are Man Cave Gadgets picks for August 2011.

Golf Themed Man Cave

Golf Themed Man Cave

This man cave is home to a serious PGA golf fan. The cave features a putting green, two flat screen televisions, golf club storage, and plenty of PGA related memorabilia. There is also a rollup garage door entry way, and full wall poster of a gorgeous costal golf course, perhaps the cave owner’s favorite hole? This man cave looks like a comfortable place to hang out, watch a game and practice your putting skills. Pardon the obvious expression, but this golf themed man cave is a hole-in-one!


Baseball Themed Man Cave

Baseball Themed Man Cave

Something tells us this man cave dweller likes the New York Mets. When you can’t get to the ballpark why not bring the ballpark into your man cave? We have seen everything from bleacher seats to mock pitcher mounds in baseball themed man caves. This man cave looks like they went for the concession stand feel. It features a “home run” bar with baseballs under glass, a hot dog cooker, bun warmer, beer on tap, and bar stools with the team logo. We hope this man cave also includes a flat screen television and some comfy chairs somewhere off camera.


Football Themed Man Cave

Football Themed Man Cave

We spotted this football themed man cave on DIY Network, and we almost didn’t pick it. The amount of stuff in this man cave is boarding on clutter, and that TV has got to be upgraded! We also didn’t even notice the stadium seats along the wall! The saving grace of this man cave is the vintage barber’s chair, and the cave dwellers obvious passion for the grid iron sport.


Sports Bar / Pub Themed Man Cave

The sports bar is a popular theme for many man caves, and we picked Mark Larsen’s this month. This man cave features a nice “Larsen’s Pub” façade, game tables, couch seating, and rear projection media screen. It looks like Mark can enjoy a game, or play games on that projection screen. It looks like “Larsen’s Pub” features a full bar, and there is even an old school popcorn maker for movie night. Nice work Mark!

Source: Mark Larsen’s Facebook Page

Let’s See Your Man Cave!

We’ve shown you our picks for August, think you can do better? Share your man cave pictures with us by emailing If your cave is “man enough” it may be featured in next month’s Man Cave Pictures feature!