Umbra Talk Bubble Cable Management

| April 2, 2013 | 0 Comments

Umbra Talk Bubble Cable Management
If your man cave’s audio/video cables look like a nest of untamed snakes and you need a map to find out where they go, these Talk Bubble cable organizers by Umbra will be your new best friends. These white plastic cord clips designed by Carolina Kim and Matt Carr are molded in assorted talk bubble shapes so you can easily label them with their respective destinations. With a generous 1.5 X 1 inch surface there is ample room for the most childish scribbling. Sold by the six-pack and, get this, they even come with their own dry erase marker so you can wipe them clean with a rag and re-purpose them with every new gadget addition. Now even after a six-pack you and your buddies can easily figure out where to connect that shiny new game console so all of it’s cool new features will actually work.

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