Roku 3 Streaming Media Player

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Roku 3 Streaming Media Player
Roku added to their lineup of stellar streaming media devices by with the release of Roku 3. This device targets HDTVs and comes “full-loaded” offering every feature offered by Roku 2XD plus some added goodies for HDTVs and gamers. Roku 3 offers HDTVs their standard entertainment package including over 750,000 channels and subscription servies such as Hulu Plus and live sports. The Roku 3 is aimed at HDTVs and is not compatible with standard definition TVs but Roku 3 does support 720p or 1080p HDTV resolutions. Roku’s interface has always been easy to use and is now enhanced with “one-stop” search functionally. One-stop search allows you to find movies, shows, songs and actors across multiple channels including Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon. Roku 3 includes a new remote with wireless audio and ear buds allowing you to watch TV without disturbing anyone around you. We’d recommend upgrading the ear buds to something better, MUNITIO perhaps? The remote also provides gamers with motion control to play games on their Roku. You have no excuse to continue paying for cable after adding a Roku 3 to your man cave! We’ve been Roku fans since our first Roku LT and as they say, every TV needs a Roku.

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