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Logitech Harmony One: This Universal Remote Control’s Pros and Cons

| August 29, 2012 | 0 Comments

Logitech Harmony One Universal Remote Control

The Logitech Harmony One universal remote control is the best addition I’ve made to my man cave this year.  I bought the Logitech Harmony One to replace six standard remote controls laying around my cave. Remembering how to use each remove control and replacing their batteries every few months was getting old! I wanted a universal remote that would control all my cave’s devices and cost me one set of rechargeable batteries. I found what I was looking for in Logitech’s Harmony One universal remote control!

The Pros

Logitech’s sleek design and rich features could make it the iPhone of universal remote controls!  The Harmony One replaces up to 15 remotes and works with old and new technology such as HDTVs or old DVD players. It’s on board database allows you to control over 225,000 different devices and Logitech updates the database to ensure your universal remote control keeps up with technology.  Setup is done via the internet using a web based setup guide.  I had no problems with setup; just attached it to my PC and picked my devices.

During setup you’ll also configure what kind of activities you want your Harmony One to control such as watching television or listening to music. These enable the quick access buttons on the Harmony One’s color display.

The color touch screen display is 3.5” and very easy to read.  With one touch you will easily access activities configured during setup including your favorite moves, television programs or music. The Harmony One knows what device it should use for each activity so all you have to do is press “listen to music” for example, and relax.

Hate trying to find the right button on a remote in a dark room? The Verizon FIOS remote I had previously drove me insane when the lights were out. Useful buttons such as the channel numbers or jog/shuttle were not backlight while useless buttons were. I routinely selected the wrong button and would end up having to recover whatever I was watching from the mistake! Logitech’s Harmony One has backlighting on every button and shaped for easy identification.

Logitech’s Harmony One fits easily into any size hand and has a non-slip grip. The “dpad” or directional pad allows you to change volume or channels easily with one finger.

The package contains a USB connector to configure and keep the universal remote control up-to-date via your computer’s internet connection.

The Cons

Touch screen reliability appears to be the largest issue with Logitech’s Harmony One universal remote control. There are a handful of customers reporting their touch screens lost their “touch” after a few months of normal use. Interestingly they seem madder at Logitech’s support than the product. Many customers said they liked the product despite the touch screen problem and wanted another Harmony One, but dealing with support was difficult. The product has a one year “limited hardware” warrant but beware, if your touch screen fails it may be a bumpy ride to get it replaced.

Harmony One also RF compatibility which means you’ll need to leave the man cave to control a device somewhere else in the house.

Finally the buttons are notorious for becoming sticky and not working so keep it clean.

Final Thoughts

The Harmony One is Logitech’s “mid market” universal remote control. There are more expensive universal remotes with more features but Harmony One will fit anyone with fewer than 15 devices to control. I personally love this remote because it allows me to control all of my electronic devices with one rechargeable device the wife and kids can easily use. I recently bought a new Blue-Ray DVD player and synched it easily with a new 65 inch HDTV with my Harmony One.

Man Cave Gadgets marked it down on reliability due to the screen issue but if the screen holds and you don’t have to deal with Logitech, the Harmony One universal remote control is a dandy man cave gadget!

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