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iZON Camera: Monitor Your Man Cave

| December 5, 2011 | 1 Comments

iZON Remote Room Monitor

Have you ever returned to your man cave and found something askew? Perhaps your favorite chair was adjusted incorrectly, or a collectible was moved. Perhaps an item was mischievously removed, or worse, something was stolen! The man cave is our sanctuary! We must protect it!

We found a simple solution to monitor your man cave when you’re gone. The iZON Remote Room Monitor allows you to view activity in your man cave via your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. You can view the cameras with any WiFi, Edge or 3G enabled iDevice. The Stem:Connect app allows you to install multiple cameras, and view them all through one device.

iZON is less conspicuous than traditional security cameras. It can sit on a book shelf, desk or mounted on a wall. The camera provides a 60 degree viewing angle, and low light capabilities. It doesn’t offer IR (infrared) illumination, but will capture an image with as little as a night light.

The best feature iZON offers is motion or noise detection alerts. iZON will tell you when something is happening in your man cave by sending an alert to your iDevice. The camera will start recording 5 seconds prior to the time it sent the alert, up to a maximum of 30 seconds.  This gives you a chance to capture the man cave invader, and monitor only when you need too.

If you don’t have an iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone the iZON can send automatically send recorded clips to a private YouTube channel.

Keep in mind iZON’s automation works when you are home, or away. Remember to disable the iZON when you are in the man cave. You don’t want a noisy encounter with your cave women streamed to YouTube.

iZON costs $129.95 per camera kit; cheaper than many of its competitors. You can take 15% off using code CYBER15 for a limited time.


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