Five Man Cave Worthy Movie Posters

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Plenty of gun fights, explosions, battles, intense chases and sex; there are some movies that are just made for guys! These are movies we can talk about for hours while spending some quality time in the man cave with friends. Movies chicks just don’t “get” and deserve to be honored in the hallowed halls of our man cave theaters. Here are five of our favorites, what are yours?

1. “Scarface”

Scarface Movie Poster
This gangster movie written by Oliver Stone and starring Al Pacino is hardly a surprise on this list. Pacino was magnificent in a role that all guys dream about to some extent. Treating the world as your oyster and doing whatever it takes to get what you want is a fantasy many of us can relate to. The character of Tony Montana is an oft-quoted, mainstay of American Cinema. The poster is also a classic, set in half black and half white with a silhouetted Pacino. It is easily one of the most recognized movie posters of today, and a must have for any respectable man cave.

2. “Hoosiers”

Lets face it, most of us have passed our glory days of sports. If anything we’re attending our own kids sporting events and cheering them on. We no longer get write ups in the local paper, no more last second shots or hail-mary plays to run. Even if you aren’t a sports aficionado, you can identify with the classic “Hoosiers”. Those who have also needed a second chance in life appreciate the story of redemption for Coach Norman Dale, played by Gene Hackman in one of his defining roles. Those who had to overcome personal demons or tragedy but still had the courage to step onto the field of battle are no different than star player Jimmy Chitwood, whose talent can make or break the team. Hoosiers is a feel good movie of the triumph of the small guy. A movie poster of this fan favorite would represent any man cave well!

3. “Ghostbusters”

Ghostbusters movie poster
I hardly need explain why this poster belongs in any man cave. What other movie can make us laugh as hard while still spooking us. I would defy anyone to watch the library scene and not be spooked. So many classic moments in this movie, so many good performances put in by mainstay actors including Bill Murray, Dan Akroid, and legendary actor/director Harold Ramis. The white ghost with a circle and slash through him makes this a classic poster, and is among my personal favorite posters of all time. Putting this up in your man cave lets everyone know they’re here to have a good time.

4. “Braveheart”

Bravehart Movie Poster featuring Mel Gibson
What man cave would be complete without the most basic of male nature. Grabbing your friends, a weapon, and charging full speed at at another group of warriors who have done the same thing! It is the very fiber of what man cave movie posters are made of. Massive battle scenes that shape the future of the world allow us to feel the rush of combat, all the while set to engaging storytelling and fantastic scenery. Mel Gibson’s painted war face makes this poster full of the very fury he brought to the role of William Wallace. This is an absolute no brainer selection for your man cave wall decor.

5. “Anchorman”

Anchorman Movie Poster Featuring Will Ferrell
Starring Will Ferrell at the height of his popularity, this poster screams that you “Stay Classy” above all else. It remains a classic after viewing it countless times. If you want to bring an element of pure joy and release of tension, and there is nothing like laughing for a solid hour and a half to do the trick.
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