Beer Keg Bar Stools for your Man Cave

| May 1, 2012 | 3 Comments

Beer Keg Stool Kit
Give your man cave bar an authentic cantina look with beer keg bar stools! The Beer Keg Stoolk Kit ($120) transforms any standard US keg shell into a stylish bar stool. The kit includes a vinyl swivel seat that turns 360 degrees and a durable power-coated foot rest. The bar stool stands 32 inches high when assembled. The Keg Stool Kit has been featured on DIY’s Man Cave show and assembles in just minutes. All the necessary hardware is provided but you’ll have to drink your way into this seat because the keg shell is not included. We’ve seen them on a few web sites but has them in stock with positive customer feedback.


Custom Tap Handles for Your Man Cave Bar

| October 6, 2011 | 0 Comments

Sticking with the bar theme for today’s post we recommend custom tap handles for your man cave’s bar. Drink refrigerators are fine for the average man cave, but a real man taps a keg behind the bar! If you have a pressurized keg system, you need tap handles for each line. Tap handles control the flow of beer, and are common fixtures at any serious watering hole. Tap handles range from tall and ornate to colorful advertisements or characters, but whatever style you choose they are much more than an open / close valve.

Tap handles can advertise your favorite beer, accent sport themes or have fun with a novelty character. Whatever you choose, tap handles should express your personality. There are plenty of choices online for buying custom tap handles. There is even a market for vintage tap handles such as beer brands that no longer exist. Custom tap handles aren’t cheap; most are around $40, but the right tap handles will give your bar the perfect ambiance.

Here are a few custom tap handles we thought were pretty cool:

If custom tap handles aren’t a good fit for your man cave, you can always go with common draft brands. We found tap handles for most major beer brands including Budweiser, Keystone Light, Foster’s and Miller. You can find them by clicking here.


Periodic Table of Mixology

| October 4, 2011 | 1 Comments

Periodic Table of MixologyEver drank a Parisian Blonde? How about a Canyon Quake? Would you know how to make a Frozen Fuzzy if asked? If any of these drinks are a mystery to you we recommend adding the Periodic Table of Mixology to your man cave décor. This poster contains 58 elemental drinks any bar keep should know how to mix up in a colorful quick reference guide. Playing off the Periodic Table of Elements this scientific approach to mixed drinks looks great in a frame, and is a conversation starter.

We think this poster would make a great drinking game for your next man cave event. Originally we thought throwing darts at the poster would be a fun way to pick your next drink, but we don’t recommend that after the first couple of rounds! Perhaps whoever looses the next round of poker, WII, or whatever has their next drink selected for them. We are sure you will come up with something!

The poster unframed is less than $7.00, but you can get it laminated for $15 or framed for less than $50 by clicking here.